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Introducing the dedicated team that will facilitate your child’s learning

At our academy, we are delighted to have highly qualified mentors and teachers on our team who can foster the holistic learning that every child needs. We conduct a rigorous screening and hiring process for all our staff members to ensure that they have the qualifications, personality, and skills that we are looking for and share the same values and principles that we want our little ones to emulate.

We pull all the stops to make sure our staff has passed the following tests:

  • Interviews
  • FBI Clearance
  • PA Criminal Clearance
  • Child Abuse Clearance
  • Drug Testing
  • Medical Examination
  • Reference Validation
  • License/Certification Check
  • CPR/AED Water Safety
  • Mandated Reporting Certification
  • CACFP Certification

For more questions about our faculty, send us a message.