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Meeting Families at School and Improving Child Behavior


Knowing where our students come from is essential to understanding them and why they act a certain way. As such, our highly-trained teachers place importance on meeting our students’ families and talking about certain topics that can help improve their child’s behavior at home and school. 
According to an article by the National Association for the Education of Young Children, it is a positive culturally responsive practice to “partner with families by inviting them to visit the classroom and participate in activities with their child.” Visiting them at home can also be an opportunity to talk about the child’s interests, learn about the family’s culture and values, as well as families sharing information about their child’s temperament, play partners, and language at home.
Teachers can promote a child’s social and emotional adjustment to the early childhood setting by using information they gathered about the student and their family. This can further promote a connection between the child care center and the family.
Precious Moments Christian Academy prioritizes the overall learning and development of our students. Our preschool in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, understands that children with challenging behavior are often rejected by their peers and receive less positive feedback from teachers than their peers do. We want to prevent this from becoming the norm by helping each of our students become better holistically.
As a daycare Pennsylvania, we see that our teachers can initiate sustainable relationships and nurturing classrooms where all children are valued and have opportunities to grow and develop.
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