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Social Development Taking Place among Preschoolers


One of the most critical phases during childhood is the preschool-age years. During this time, children discover several things about themselves and their interactions with others around them like when they are in child care center. They will be more aware and sensitive to others’ feelings and actions. Let’s look at the following social developments among preschool children.

  • Discovering how to cooperate,
    Parents or caretakers can teach them to express themselves when they deal with challenges instead of them acting out. Adults should be good role models in resolving conflicts peacefully. Teachers at preschools like DayCare Pennsylvania can also help kids achieve this.
  • Restraining children from getting physical
    When children’s frustration results in them physically hurting others, adults should take them away from the other kids if it takes them time to calm down. Communicate to understand what makes them angry. Let them know that they are understood; however, be clear that it’s a bad way to show their emotions by hurting other children.
  • Apologizing
    Adults should aid children to understand the situation from the other children’s shoes. Help them recall a situation when somebody hurt them and provide peaceful methods to deal with their conflicts. Make them understand what wrong they did wrong first before asking them to apologize.
  • Fantasy play
    Preschoolers are interested in fantasy play wherein they take on various social roles. They enjoy portraying different roles and utilizing household items. This develops social capacities or skills like taking turns, communicating, paying attention, and responding to others’ actions. It aids them in exploring advanced social ideas as well.

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