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What’s Good About Summer Day Camp?


Summer day camp is a great way to give your child an unforgettable experience over the summer. It is a popular summertime activity with many advantages for your little one.

Our child care center offers a summer camp that engages your child in activities, sports, and games that allow them to explore their personality and abilities. Here are some reasons why we think summer camp is such an essential part of your child’s development:

  • Social growth

    Not only do kids get the chance to make friends with other kids their age, but they also get the chance to learn from the counselors at summer camp about how to be better leaders.

  • Academic stimulation

    Summer camp is an excellent place for children to learn new things. They will develop their skills in an environment where they feel safe, comfortable, and challenged. Kids can learn to be independent, responsible, and social at summer camp.

  • Physical development

    Summer camps offer a wide range of activities to improve overall health, including sports like soccer and basketball and arts and crafts.

As a licensed preschool in East Stroudsburg, Pennsylvania, we are proud to offer both summer day camp programs and child care programs that are both academically rigorous and fun, with an emphasis on nurturing your child’s physical, mental, social, and emotional growth.

Our staff at Precious Moments Christian Academy is dedicated to providing your child with a safe, nurturing environment. We strive to treat everyone who walks through our doors like family.

If you want to know more about the programs in our daycare Pennsylvania, don’t hesitate to call us today at 570-213-0913.

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